Always good to have Options. 😁

Hello Sterling Patrons! 

We wanted to let you know there are several options for a patron to check-out books, dvds, or magazines than coming inside. 

If you are not comfortable being inside with others around-we have a deal for you!  We are more than willing to grab the materials- check them out for you and have them at the door in a bag with your name on it or bring them curbside. The last thing we would want is for someone to feel uncomfortable being inside. 

We want to serve our community to the best of our ability. 

The door will remain open for those choosing to come in and browse. 

We are limiting time spent to 30 minutes.

Here is what can be done:

1. check out our catalog to see if the materials are available.

2. Contact us via email:, call us 620-278-3191, send us a text thru our library Gabbie 620-202-7055, send a message through our website  or message from Facebook

3. Let us know whether you want curbside or front door and it will be there!

Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. 

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