November- Thanks-giving!

Greetings everyone.  November 1st! Wow.. Where has the year gone?  So,  I am going to confess…I have faltered in my ‘Thanks’-giving to all the awesome patrons/supporters who come through our doors each day.

A huge THANK YOU to each and everyone.

A thank you to those who have donated money, books, Dvds , their time, memorials, etc. etc.  I could go on and on but I don’t think I have enough room.  I have not publicly recognized those who are constant supporters of our public library but I want you to know how much you mean to me, the staff, the library, & our community.  We could not even begin to do what we do, provide or contribute to all the patrons without each and every one of you..

So as we enter November – remember to thank those who have helped you, provided for you, contributed to our community for you, and have been there for you.. For it takes a Village (or a community as special as Sterling is)!


My deepest thanks to all!!

Bring on the No-Shave November & the turkey… lol



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