Phase 1.5? Coming to a library near you!!

Greetings everyone!   We are going to be transitioning in to the next phase of our COVID-19 journey.  Starting Wednesday 20th we will be open for the public (limited amount) and return to our regular hours 10-7pm.  We do have some rules that will need to be followed: 

1. We will only allow 8 people in the library at a time.

2. Each patron will be allowed 30 minutes to browse, computer time, read or use the wifi. 

3. After 30 minutes you will be asked to leave to allow others in.

4. Kids will NOT be allowed to come ‘hangout’ at the library all day.  They will be allowed 30 minutes too.  We would prefer an adult to be with them but we do know that is not always feasible. 

5. We will only have 3 patron computers active & 1 child computer at this time. Again, as stated above, 30 minutes only. 

6. We do not have any lego’s, crayons, coloring books or stuffed animals for the children to play with during their time. 

6. We do ask for you to wear a mask as we will too.  If you do not have a mask, we would be happy to provide curbside delivery for your requested items.

This is not how we prefer to have the library running but in order to provide a safe place for our patrons & staff this is how it will be for the time being. 


On a happier note, Summer reading program will be going forth this summer.  It is planned to start by May 31st.  It will be different than before but remember we are all life-long learners so let’s learn with the change up!  More information to come….   

We can’t wait to see all of you again.  We have missed you so much… Take care.

Stay Safe. & remember 6ft apart.. 

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