Sponsors of the Summer Learning Program–THANK YOU!

One definition of Community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

The community of Sterling is AMAZING! Even when things have turned upside down & flipped around in this world- Sterling continues to shine.  We were not sure what this summer was going to look like for our reading program, we wanted to connect(distancing of course)books & children, children & events, and more books.  We were graciously given money, prizes, gift certificates, places for events, etc. from many businesses & patrons that has allowed us to complete our goal!  We can’t begin to say THANK YOU enough.  I am so thankful ♥  –

Please to always remember to shop locally and support our community! 

Alden State Bank

Central Prairie Coop

First Bank of Sterling


Blair & Mary Martin 

Janiece Rowland

Silver Threads

United Methodist Church

Studio 96


TNT Dairyland


Moxley Grant

Graebner Memorial 


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