Sponsors. Patrons. Staff. Board Members. Parents. Kids = Summer Reading Program!!

Today is the day.  A day we all look forward to show up.  The Summer Reading Program Pool Party.   This day could not even begin to happen or be imagined without the help, support, guidance, work, & all the small stuff that people over look or take for granted if it weren’t for the:

Sponsors, Patrons, Staff, Board members, Volunteers, Parents, & kiddos!

So a Huge Thank you — Thank you to all involved! 


Alden State Bank

KMW Limited


First Bank


Lyons State Bank

Zimm’s Feedlot

Superior Sand & Gravel

Brew 56


Home Lumber

Bush, Bush, & Shanelec

Central Prairie Co-op

Circle J Colloctions

Gayle Earle in Memory of Wanda Earle

Sonic of Sterling


Janiece Rowland

First Group Insurance

Mishler Accounting

Birzer Funeral Home

Exploration Place


Blair & Mary Martin

David Reynolds

Truly from the bottom of my heart- I appreciate each and every one of you

Sterling is a great place to live, raise kids, and enjoy life…. Thank you all!!


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